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When furniture gets a twist inspired by the sea's aesthetics

Neta Tesler founded the Knots studio, a Tel Aviv-based home décor designer house of which the design reflects the sea's aesthetics as well as the city's lifestyle.

Photo: Knots Studio

Having grown up on a magnificent beach in the Mediterranean Sea, Neta has always had an affinity for all things maritime, the sand, the water, and the boats. It has naturally become something she wanted to explore from a design standpoint.

Photo: Knots Studio

During her study in Textile Department at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, she discovered a special tying technique in her initial products, which she continues to apply to her current work.

Photo: Knots Studio

Knot Studio has been creating objects that combine functional design and art over the years. The pieces including sitting cushions, decorative cushions, and stools, are full of patterns and textures that make them stand out.

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