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The Perfection of Ration and Proportion

Tetra by Made in Ratio is a flexible storage system, made from European Oak, Walnut or Ebonised Bamboo. Available as a singular unit, a pre-set composition or a bespoke modular system that can be configured to suit a range of functions and spaces.

Made in Ratio harnesses nature's perfection of ratio and proportion to create visionary contemporary furniture. Each piece is forged from the desire to take an exceptional idea from inception to production by embracing advanced technologies and enhancing traditional techniques.

Designed and developed by Brodie Neill – a University of Tasmania and Rhode Island School of Design graduate – Brodie has established an international reputation for creating striking, sinuous and sculptural designs rooted in material research, technical rigour and craft know-how. Working alongside some of the finest craftspeople and championing time-honoured materials, the collection is imbued with a spirit of innovation and design excellence.

Launched in Milan in 2013 with a debut collection including the now-iconic Cowrie chair, Made in Ratio added the critically acclaimed Alpha in 2015, a stacking chair with a sculptural silhouette that embraces natural design and honest craftsmanship. Recognised for exuding originality and elegance, both designs were included in Taschen’s 1000 Chairs.

Brodie’s inherent sensibility for structural sustainability and respect for natural materials and craft come from growing up in Tasmania, an island famous for its wild landscape and the fine craftsmanship of indigenous timbers. Developing a passion early on for carefully honing natural materials into expressive forms, Brodie refined his aesthetic during a Masters at the Rhode Island School of Design, resulting in a signature style singled out by Time Magazine’s Design 100.

Made in Ratio designs have received critical acclaim through awards and publications, and have been exhibited in and acquired by museums, galleries and private collections around the globe.

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