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The most ecological rugs possible

As an advocate of sustainable design, let’s talk about an interesting French environmental friendly carpet brand today.

Mehdi and Amandine, two young decoration enthusiasts and environmentally conscious, joined forces to create Carret Design, the eco-responsible brand of rugs.

"We have worked to make carpets that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Instead of polluting or animal materials, we are reusing plastic waste left in our oceans."

When they had the opportunity to create Carret Design, they thought about a way to have a positive impact on the planet. Both interested in design and ecology, their goal is to make disruptive changes in the industry with unique products, more suited to the modern world. By producing designer and eco-responsible rugs in Europe, Carret is encouraging innovation for a more peaceful world.

Carret’s rugs are made of Econyl, a sustainable fiber made from plastic waste collected from the oceans, 100% recycled and recyclable. Instead of producing new textile materials, Carret takes the side of recycling existing ones for reuse. Econyl is developed after cleaning and purification of the recovered plastic, which is then transformed into yarns. Carret’s partner in Denmark then makes its rugs from these yarns.

Photo credit: Carret Design

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