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The little soy fish that brings waste pollution to light

Heliograf is the Good Design award-winning collaboration of Angus Ware and Jeffrey Simpson, based in Sydney, Australia.

Source: Heliograf

Their debut product Light Soy is a statement on the iconic single-use soy fish. The cute little soy fish are an environmental disaster and lethal to marine life – ironic given their shape. They are emblematic of a broken economic model that doesn’t consider waste.

Sustainability is at the core of Heliograf. The founders live on the coast and have seen first-hand the shocking impact plastic is having on our oceans. They set out to create a design object that highlighted single-use plastic and made a difference. After four years of design and development, the result is Light Soy – a playful, functional and purposeful lamp made with ocean-bound plastic.

Source: Heliograf

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