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The Hong Kong Concrete story

Concretology is keen to design and produce original products with humanistic value and preserve traditional culture. The brand believes that design is a catalyst, which can not only adjust life, but also promote cultural exchanges and resonate with each other.

At the beginning of 2018, the brand created "Japanese Paper Daper" based on the traditional farmer calendar, and later brought a series of handmade products that were completely different from the past.

One of the most eye-catching designs is its “Hong Kong coaster series”, ordinary daily life, on the same street, two kinds of infrastructure systems, four completely different public objects, turned into a collection of concrete coasters. The package is mainly visualized with a folder, which archives the ordinary and extraordinary stories of Hong Kong streets one by one.

The series is composed of three types of cement manhole cover coasters, "Yuanchang Fangzhuo", "Direction Warning" and "Drainage Cooling". The design is based on the common canal covers in Hong Kong streets, bringing the most authentic Hong Kong characteristics to the home.

Photos: Concretology

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