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The Beauty of Minimalism: The Flow Wall Desk by Robert van Embricqs

As more and more people are shifting towards remote work and the need for functional home office spaces increases, finding the perfect workspace can be a challenge. Enter the Flow Wall Desk, a statement piece that seamlessly blends functionality with art. This unique desk not only provides a cozy workspace during the day, but also transforms into a compact wall hanging once the work is done.

Inspired by the recent global events and the growing trend of telecommuting, Robert van Embricqs designed the Flow Wall Desk to bring dignity to the digital workspace through craftsmanship, warm textures, and durably engineered fastenings. The desk's contemporary design elements make it a versatile addition to homes, libraries, hotels, and other indoor spaces.

Photo credit: Robert van Embricqs

With the user in mind, the Flow Wall Desk is designed with a simple gesture that transforms it from a wall hanging to a fully functional work surface. With just one turn, the vertical element emerges from the wall like a caterpillar, exposing brass hinges that provide stability and durability. The tabletop is supported by wooden slats, creating a more organic look and a screen for privacy.

Photo credit: Robert van Embricqs

The Flow Wall Desk is comfortable and functional, with a large weight capacity and a depth and width that make it perfect for typing and handwriting. Its unique design offers a temporary work surface that can be easily folded away, making it a perfect addition to a sunny corner or any other space where work needs to be done.

Photo credit: Robert van Embricqs

Robert van Embricqs is known for his minimalistic design approach, which he describes as a balanced collaboration between the designer and the material. He finds inspiration in the intricacies of the natural form, including bone structure, plant life, and movement. His goal is to bring objects to life, and his focus on marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal has resulted in award-winning furniture designs that are both beautiful and functional.

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