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Roar! The Tiger is finally here!

We all experienced that moment when our phone slipped out of our hand since some careless dudes bumped into us. Hong Kong start-up Departure Design is now bringing you the solution with vibrant designs. Formed by an energetic young designer, it has created a cheerful strap that combines the most stylish design with practical functionality.

Unlike other mobile phone hand grip products of hard and cold materials that cause discomfort, Departure's "D-Strap" is made of soft and elastic fabric that comfortably connects the phone with our hands and rests firmly on the palm. D-Strap has evolved into several collections and collaborated with a variety of brands and artists such as Hong Kong musician band Dear Jane and Hello Kitty etc. The company has even added a personalization option, allowing you to create a unique personalized gift for your loved ones.

To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, Departure continues its passion in collaboration by teaming up with knitwear label CYNTHIA & XIAO to create an exclusive series of abstract tiger print straps, honoring the sacred animal’s strength, ferocity and grace. The vibrant designs showcase CYNTHIA & XIAO’s signature bold strokes paired with warm tones prominent in nature.

10% of each phone strap sales will be donated to WFFT wildlife rescue centre that rescues and rehabilitates captive wild animals in Southeast Asia.


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