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(R)Evolution is the Only Solution

Italy has widely been recognized as the trendsetter and leader in design and has some of the best furniture designers in the world. They are known for creating a perfect balance between classical elegance and modern creativity, while adding exquisiteness yet playfulness to our daily lives.

Among the Italian brands, Seletti stands out by linking design with pop art. From its very first year in 1964, Seletti in Cicognara, Mantova, has followed its principle of professionality service and constant research to strive for betterness, innovation and originality. The company follows their motto of (R)Evolution is the Only Solution, and focuses on design projects and on creative and Italian excellence with character.

The collections containing art blended with daily life icons, send a message of shape and function, conveying to its customers a vision for a unique, personal and fun lifestyle. Today Seletti aims at new productions, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty.

Urbanana is thrilled to bring to you the perfect combination of creativity and Italian legacy. Our Seletti collection is on the way, stay tuned!

Seletti's Kintsugi Collection | The Beauty of Imperfection

Hybrid Collection by CTRLZAK studio for Seletti

📸: Seletti



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