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Printed with Love in Hong Kong

Some may debate Hong Kong is losing its character. From the eyes of many, this city is still full of unique local culture, people and core values.

Local-raised artists like Stephen Wong Chun Hei’s recent exhibition of his MacLehose Trail illustration has resonated everyone with an affection for the beautiful Hong Kong Landscape. The combination of the dynamic lifestyle in the concrete jungle and easy access to nature has always been fascinating and people come to live and work here from around the world.

So what do expat artists think about this place? We interviewed with French artist Marion Decroocq on her art project Couleur Aube and her inspiration gained in this city.

1. Tell our readers about yourself.

Behind couleur aube is Marion, a French artist and printmaker based in Hong Kong. I've been working as a creative Director, Illustrator and graphic designer for almost 7 years now. Beside, I developed my own artistic project Couleur Aube. 2. Why do you pick prints as the media of your creation, what is the technic here?

I fell in love with fabrics. I was totally obsessed with all Indian flowery patterns and fabrics ; from traditional quilts to clothes, I love the way fabrics are slightly imperfect and therefore genuinely perfect. I wanted to understand how they were made, and what savoir-faire was behind these fabrics. So I discovered the ancestral Indian block printing techniques. I spent a lot of time looking at documentaries and testimonials, fascinated by the know-how of these men and women, who have been carving floral patterns on wood for hundreds of years.

As an illustrator, I was very interested in this technique. I decided to learn wood and lino carving by myself, to try a new way to develop my art. And I absolutely fell in love with the colors and texture resulting from this new technique! The hobby became a full time passion, and I started couleur aube Prints series in Hong Kong last January, more than 1 year ago.

Hong Kong Series - Pat Sin Leng

3. What is the inspiration behind your artwork? Is there something you wish to express through your art?

My very first source of inspiration is nature, and its endless pattern possibilities. Flowers, plants, mountains, shapes. I love everything that comes from it ! Nature is already an artwork in itself :)

Living in Hong Kong, my angle has slightly changed. Today, my work focuses on what nature offers through the scope of Hong Kong urban-jungle discovery: a touch of vegetal patterns, a lot of mountains, inspiring streets and places...

4. As a foreign artist in Hong Kong, what do you think about the local culture here, and how it inspires your art? Hong Kong city is now my biggest source of inspiration : a lot of new colors, new patterns, new architecture and everyday life scenes... There are so many things to observe, and to draw !

Moreover, I absolutely fell in love with the culture here. I had the opportunity to meet great artists, including Michelle Fung, an amazing artist that taught me Reduction Woodcut, and David Jasper Wong, the best Printmaker in town. Exchanging with other artists is always very enriching, especially coming from different backgrounds.

Hong Kong Series - Food Market

5. What are you working on now? Any plans in the near future?

I would like to develop bigger size prints in the future. So I am actually working on a 3-colors print that will highlight my new home, Lamma island. And this will be A2 size. 6. Where can our readers find your work?

My work can be found in two exhibitions in Hong Kong right now,

- WHY Print 3 - “FINALE” in KC100 Art Space in Kwai Chung. I am grateful to participate in this Third Biennial Printmaking Exhibition Presented by Marble Print Clay, exhibiting fine art prints of 21 printmaking artists from Hong Kong. It's open until 03/10/2022

- URBAN COLORZ Exhibition in Soho House, in Sai Ying Pun. I am very happy to participate in this exhibition curated by the French girl, along with 10 great artists working in Hong Kong. This will be open until 03/13/2022.

Finally, you can always have a look on my instagram @couleur_aube and my website to find my latest prints !

Photos: Couleu-Aube

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