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Piegatto - From Art to Furniture

Founded by the couple Alejandro Estrada and Sandra Ovalle, Piegatto is a design studio based in Guatemala City, focused in creating new ideas in furniture, art, and architecture for the world.

Photo: Piegatto

Started off by establishing Estudio Pietra, a firm of art, restoration, architecture and a small furniture workshop, Alejandro and Sandra managed to work as architects with clients, as they had the vision of a contemporary way of living they were always searching for clients that could share with themselves this way of seeing the future of art and architecture in Guatemala.

However, there is always a sense of loss when you work for others, when the work that you do as an artist, as an architect or as a designer has not found the consistency and weight necessary so that it will let you create without the feeling of losing yourself in the work.

Photo: Piegatto

They realized the need to find a way of retaining their knowledge, a way which will let them create over and over again without feeling that sense of loss that happened in the early architectural projects. Later they started creating their own objects and founded the furniture design studio Piegatto.

“Art is about finding new ways for expressing ourselves…

So the idea was clear: We start with one simple trace, the trace becomes an idea for an object, we start producing prototypes with this idea.

Workflow nurtures itself from testing, knowledge stays and grows from one design to another, as what you achieve in one design will be the start up for the next one.”

Piegatto is now creating extraordinary chairs that form a connection between your body and the way the surface touches your skin.

It creates surfaces that relate to different activities in life, as every posture defines what you will feel, this is the starting point. The beauty, the structural strength and feeling comfortable are the basic needs to create a perfect chair.

Every chair responds in different ways to these three principles, as the posture defines what your body will do when using the chair, beauty is the principle that should be exposed. The chair has to be beautiful when you see it for the first time, like first love.

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