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Where Swedish functionality meets Italian elegance

We know you like a booze after a busy day at work. Introducing our wine glass collection - Sempli, an award winning product design company located in Los Angeles, California whose designs take you for a spin. Sempli’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in the founder Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro’s dual heritage by combining the best of two countries - Sweden’s simple functionality with Italy’s style and elegance.


返工忙左成日,好多人都鍾意放工歎翻杯。 介紹我地推出嘅酒杯系列 - Sempli,一間屢獲殊榮、來自洛杉磯嘅產品設計公司,佢哋會旋轉嘅酒杯設計將為您帶黎更多樂趣。 Sempli嘅設計理念深深植根於創始人Daniele 'Danne' Semeraro嘅雙重個人經歷,結合兩個國家嘅精華 - 瑞典嘅簡單實用性同埋意大利嘅優雅風格。

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