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Laid Back In The Cloud

“I wanted to capture a cloud and put it inside the home so people could rest upon the soft woolly air. Clouds have this innate peacefulness hanging almost motionless above our heads completely unaware of their own weight. It’s a quality we admire and aspire for in our own lives, to let the turmoil of life pass under us while we just float above free of stress.”

Mark Mitchell’s iconic suspended sofa has taken furniture design to the next level by defying gravity. Born in England in 1997, Mitchell has worked as an Industrial Designer in Cambridge, London, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jakarta and presently resides in Amsterdam. His career started early at age 17 when a London homewares brand bought the manufacturing rights to a bird box that he designed for a school project. Since this, he has worked with companies such as Swatch, Unilever, Wacom and Canon as well as exhibiting a study of Phase Change Materials at London Design Festival in partnership with Rado and DesignJunction a few years ago. In 2019 Mark launched his own brand and has so far released works in partnership with Articture, Dowan, Wacom and a few private collectors. Their products have been published in Elle Decor, Good Homes magazine and Vogue Living.

Photos: @markmitchelldesign

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