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Interview with Ioana Boros, Founder of Daring Trash based in Romania

Traditionally, designs such as art, fashion or industrial products have been centred on key markets such as France and Italy. But in recent years, we have seen emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Asia and South America with new generation talented designers with a lot of potential and passion, offering consumers new ideas and alternatives. Influenced by the unique local culture of various regions, these designs can bring out different styles and messages. This time, we had a conversation with Romanian designer Ioana Boros, on Daring Trash, the brand she founded, and her views on the local design industry.

Mini print Happy Shapes

U: Urbanana

I: Ioana Boros

U: Tell us about the brand Daring Trash and yourself.

I: The story of Daring Trash comes from my remark that people do not give importance to certain things. Noticing this, I did the opposite and leaned over and studied them. I found out, they are equally important. People get bored very quickly of the new things they buy, so the new ones become the old ones, and then, they throw them in the trash, forgetting that in those things, someone invested hard work and talent. To be more clear, a crumpled, paper bag thrown into the streets has the same value as a paper bag displayed in a shop window, from the perspective of the one who created it.

The label is the work of Romanian born, Cluj-Napoca based designer Ioana Boros, graduate of the University of Arts and Design of Cluj-Napoca. Focused on contemporary prints and illustrations with minimal lines, colours and monochromatic combinations, our fairtrade designs are playful and innovative, balancing between aesthetics and comfort. In other words, we believe that people are happy when they are comfortable and they must break free from the strict limits of the society, to have some fun.

All Daring Trash products are handmade in Romania. I don't buy ready-made T-shirts, I buy the materials and I try to be of the best quality. All stages are carried out in the company, starting with the idea of printing, patterns, cuts, sewing to the finished product.

As an individual, I'm unique and I want to stay that way, to stand out from the crowd and separate myself from the commercial. I do not share the idea of "trends" because they are superficial. I think we need to continue to be ourselves, even if it means being different in order to keep our originality.

Oslo T-shirt

U. What is the inspiration behind your design?

I: Daring Trash takes inspiration from global, faces. Their expressions, peculiarities, make them so captivating. I reshape them into colourful and monochrome geometric shapes, thinking that the people who wear our tshirts have a good and joyful feeling.

U: Could you also let our readers in Asia know the design scene in Romania? The good and perhaps the bad.

I: The design scene in Romania is relatively young and is bursting with so much talent and creativity but it certainly needs more support. As a creator you invests more than time and talent; you invest passion, dedication and emotion and all these must be cherished. The local market is young as well and few of them buy designer goods. Another problem is that we don't have enough manufacturing resources to support us. Personally, I think outdoor exposure is a much better solution for now.

U: Which design/tee/print is your most favorite so far?

I: I love them all, but my favorites are Oslo & Toshi. There are two of my fav countries (Norway and Japan) often feeling inspired by theirs art & design scene.

Toshi T-shirt

U: Are there any exciting projects in the making?

I: I have some exciting projects for 2022 but, for the time being, I am not making them public. All at their time:)

U: Finally, where can our reader find out more about you?

I: You may find more information about me and Daring Trash from our website here: You can also view the exciting collection of our knitwear, prints, totes and homeware from our online store.

Don’t forget to visit my instagram pages for more upcoming joyful and dynamic designs here:

My designer instagram page:

Daring Trash Instagram :

Daring Trash Cushion Series

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