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Hybrid collection bringing to the table an idealised voyage connecting ancient civilisations

Inspired by tradition Asian and European decorations, the iconic Hybrid collection designed by the duo CTRLZAK for Seletti brings the ancient civilisations together.

Hybrid collection

Seletti's Hybrid is one of her most icon dinnerware collection, delivering an idealized journey from East to West to the table. The collection has been a symbol of how intercultural interactions may flourish, of how they can forge powerful bonds between the traditions of people from all over the world. Ceramics, a material found in all civilisations, are used to highlight the linkages and contacts that exist across different regions of the world, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchanges and influences.

The aesthetic trends of different continents collide in the Hybrid collection, resulting in plates, bowls, mugs, cups, saucers, and vases with an eclectic and global character that blends ornamentation and graphic themes. A colorful dividing line runs through the center of each piece, separating two styles of ancient civilisations, resulting in designs which are not just complementary; but also also one-of-a-kind and timeless.

Hybrid, as well as other collections from Seletti, are now available on our website, come discover our our curated collection of lifestyle design products!

Hybrid Dinner Plate Eusapia

Hybrid Dinner Plate Isaura

Hybrid Fruit Plate Eudossia

Hybrid Fruit Plate Valdrada

Hybrid Coffee Cup Eufemia

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