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Haim Evgi - the perfect balance of softness and toughness in design

Natural woods offer a distinct sense of simplicity and an appealing organic appearance. Using natural woods with iron gives adaptability as well as a prominent visual balance between senses of earthiness and sophistication.

Haim Evgi, an Israeli product and interior designer, is passionate about natural wood and iron and excel in combining the two distinctive materials in lighting elements to create a collection of minimalist style lighting. His products place an attention on details that are more than just details; they are an intrinsic element of the product. The majority of the work entailed combining traditional carpenter techniques with modern minimalist design.

Photo of Haim Evgi, an Israeli product and interior designer

The lighting products of Haim Evgi from Israel demonstrate a harmonic combination of the elements of wood and metal representing completely different characters in a minimalist approach. The attention of details is the soul of the brand that brings a subtle touch-up to your interior. Haim Evgi plays best in metallic hemisphere or round shaped designs like BON BON and MOBI which have been iconic over the past.

Photo of BON BON

Photo of MOBI

There are also a couple of remarkable designs that we love from the 2021 collection such as HATTU (Pic 3), a cone shaped hanging lamp fixture made of aluminum with a color finish, solid oak and glass ball. The soft colors create a warm ambience to your lovely home for you to embrace after a tough day at work. The model comes in different diameters for various settings.

Photo of MOBI

Not only dedicated to its iconic lighting, Haim Egvi has also created a collection of home products and furniture with an aligned minimalist design that pays attention to details. From tabletop objects like decorative bowls and vases to large furniture including dining tables OP, coffee tables WOODY and side tables MEDUZA, it offers a full spectrum of products that spice up your dining room. The broad variety of wooden and glass vases made of solid oak and specially inflated glass are suitable for dried and your daily fresh pick of live flowers, adding colors to your simple interior design.

Photo of OP

Photo of WOODY

Photo of MEDUZA

One notable design is OTI, a decorative bowl made from a solid oak base and metal with a color finish to choose, is the perfect match to Haim Evgi’s lighting pieces such as MOBI and BON BON sharing the same style.

Photo of OTI

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