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Giving the best seasonal gift to your furry friend

It’s the festive season of the year once again and also time for family and friends reunion, but never forget about your fur baby that accompanies through your ups and downs everyday at home. A comfy cat furniture is the best gift for your “master” this Christmas!

Photo: @myzoodesign

With a mission to create an environment filled with happiness and laughters for both fur babies and pet lovers, Myzoo turns cat furniture into innovative and creative pieces that fit with any interior styles. The brand understands your cat’s need always come first. Each piece produces based on their loves for cats. Myzoo cares about them so much that they consult with veterinary for every design.

Myzoo starts with something simple, something can be seen daily such as a chair, a table, or maybe just a bookshelf. From there, it gives the furniture a bit of its own touch and share that with our furry friend. The idea is not to create a fancy house, but an environment that may lead to much of fun and laughter with the fur-babies. It is the greatest happiness to see its users to fully enjoy the environment that it provided and build all the beautiful memories through its design.

Photo: @myzoodesign

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