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For those who need an unconventional Christmas tree

Santa Claus is coming to town. As Christmas is approaching, have you planned your festive decoration yet? We know it gives minimalists headache when picking the right Christmas tree.

Photo: Vondom

Ramón Esteve has designed for Vondom FOREST, a backlit piece shaped after a geometric abstraction of a Christmas tree.

Its clean, depurated lines make FOREST a sober, timeless complement. The interior lighting, with a RGB LED bulb system, creates a surrounding atmosphere due to the use of light and color, which can be adjusted according to the moment and the ambiance desired.

FOREST is the result of a severe formal synthesis. Its high-quality material makes this piece lightweight as well asresistenat. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A magic tree that invites you to be immersed in the pure, beauty nature, together with your beloved ones, into this “illuminated forest” for such a special occasion as Christmas.

Photo: Vondom

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