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Casa Luna, the contemporary Bohemian home decor brand in Hong Kong

For individuals who want their home to be full of a lively culture and unique style, Boho decor is a perfect match for them. This aesthetic defies modern sensibilities by embracing carefree, relaxed and unconventional. Rooms populated with Boho decor are always eclectic with certain comparable features, yet never are two rooms identical. Even though the Boho styles have dominated every magazine and retail catalog, Boho decor is tough to come by in Hong Kong.

Photo: @casaluna.decor Casa Luna, a home decor brand nurtured by Rachel and Nainie, was established to fill the gap. “Casa Luna Decor was founded on the belief that every home should reflect the owner’s story.” Rachel enthuses. “Decorating your house should be an effortless and enjoyable journey for every customer in search of their perfect, cozy home. Blending elegance, chicness, simplicity and boho styles to create a living space so unique and tailored. Our style is all definitely contemporary Bohemian home decor, however our pieces are so versatile and easy to fit into pretty much any home.” Nainie added.

Together with Casa Luna, Urbanana is thrilled to bring to you a selection of Boho decor to your living room, kitchen and dining room.

Casa Luna Bowl Series

Casa Luna Cushion Series

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