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CandleHand - love it or hate it

CandleHand is a collection of expressive hand gesture candles with real hand size and texture. The candles feature different hand gestures from F@#k you, You Rock! to Loving Peace sign. They are handcrafted in Vilnius, Lithuania, and are 100% natural. What makes CandleHand stand out is that it is really an either love or hate brand. The candles are eye-catching statements to express your mood and feeling. They can also be a wonderful choice if you want to make a cheeky and special gifts for your friend too!

Justinas Bružas is the mastermind behind CandleHand. After having learnt the craftmanship of candle making from his dad, he came up with the idea to make gesture shaped candles and challenged him to take his craftsmanship to the next level – making them so real that only colors that distinguish them from real hands. Justinas found the company in 2015 and has grown it from the ground up. Now, Candlehand is being sold at prominent places like Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York, 10 Corso Como NY, Archive 18-20 in Paris, VITRA museum in Germany. 👶


📸: CandleHand

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