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CandleCan - food shaped scented candles that come with 7 unique flavors

A scented candle releases relaxing aroma to shake off your weariness and enhance your mood. By choosing the right scent, you can regulate your mind and body. E.g. Lavender candle is known for its soothing and calming effect to ease anxiety and manage insomnia while peppermint can relieve body tension and sore muscles.

Have you thought about the scented candle can also be a decorative piece to bring style to your home? At Urbanana, we are dedicated to bringing you boutique brands from around the world with playful designs that are worth trying too!

Our food shaped CandleCan’s collection is definitely an eye pleaser that makes you feel hungry, it comes with 7 unique flavors such as cinnamon, fruit, tangerine, orange, mint, vanilla and chocolate. It is handmade by skilled candle makers in Lithuania and is 100% vegetable wax. So it is kind to you, your health, your home environment and planet.

📸: @CandleCan




CandleCan | Cinnamon Blackberry Candle (肉桂味)

CandleCan | Mint Beans Candle (薄荷味)

CandleCan | Fruity Cherry Candle (水果味)

CandleCan | Orange Salmon Candle (橙味)

CandleCan | Peeled Tangerines Candle (柑橘味)

CandleCan | Vanilla Egg Candle (雲呢拿味)

CandleCan | Chocolate Bar Candle (朱古力味)

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